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Values : Unconditional Love, Trust & Empathy




MS. Roshnee Dukhande , Principal Master

Healer & Teacher of International Repute.


Educational QUALIFICATION : B.Sc. , Statistics , MBA Human Resources



Certified Spiritual Healer and Master from Schools of International Repute 

Certified Angel Teacher 

Certified Ascension Teacher

Certified Angel Board Reading Teacher

Certified Crystal Healing Therapy Specialist.

Certified Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner

Certified Hypnosis Practitioner from California Institute of Hypnosis

Reiki Practitioner


Corporate Trainer : 

Certified Learning and Developing Professionals & Trianers - Trainer from Asian School of College  with 10 Years of Training Experience.

Certified Accelerated Post MBA - Advanced Human Capital Managemet & OD Professional for working Professionals.



About Energy Enlight


Energy Enlight came in Inception, officially in 2013, is the name chosen by the Divine Team of GOD, brought to me by Angels when all my efforts to find a perfect name failed and I surrendered my this question to Angels. I am just a mediator, the Mission of Energy Enlight is been enlightened by GOD - The Divine, Angels, Masters and all divine light beings of Christ Consciousness.


With the blessings & guidance of GOD, Creator of All That Is, Angels, Masters and our Beloved Beings, I headed towards the quest to Heal my own life my relationships, karmic, health, wealth and ascension, each & every aspect of my life be it physical, emotional or psychological with the connection to  All -  Almighty. 


With the Life Transforming Experiences in my own life and my beloved ones, and a very highly empowering persuasion from Angels & Divine, my inclination and growth on spiritual path went on accelerating faster.

There came a time when I  ceseasd working as a successful Human Resource Professional and decided to take forward the Healing  & Light Work to service.


Divine Blessings & Unconditional Love  !!




@Hemangi Subramaniam-

A Teacher  that teaches Students with whole heart. A question asked is always answered. Sessions with Roshnee are magical as they are always shower abundant knowledge. Crystal Workshop was very extensive. Especially, details on understanding the way a crystal works and how to work with them with a free guided divine hand are the keys to success for this course.


@ Shabari Dhekane :

It was amazing experience thoughout the workshop of 4 days. Roshnee as a teacher I hve no words to say anything. She is fabulous & mind blowing. The Experiences I received in workshop were great. Presence of Angels, Ascended Masters, right from day one was experienced by me. The Way of Conducting meditations of Roshnee is amazing, Love you Roshnee & thanks a lot for giving the thorough knowledge about Angels & amazing unforgetable experiences. THanks a Lot & Lots of Love.


@Shruti Salian :

It was an amazing experience to be a part of this workshop. There was lots & lots of Improvement and growth in the spiritual, emotional, physical level which I experienced in this workshop.

Connection with Archangels was the best experience in this 4 days workshop.

All Thanks to Roshnee for giving this blissful experience. May GOD bless you and may you complete your mission of healing very successfully


@ Swati P.

Hi Roshnee Di, First of all, a Special Thanks to you. Seriously at loss of words for you and UR processes, UR teachings. GOD bless U, These were very much imp. for me, you know it..

Process, training, presence ,time spent with u & batchmates here was altogether more wonderful. Love You, GOD Bless U. All of these is gonna be very helpful for me. Thank You very much to you & Archangels.

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