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Quotes Meeting Roshani was a wonderful experience... Whenever i had a problem i just had to go to roshani and it gets sorted... I donno how it happens but yea... It does! I am extremely grateful and thankful to her for all the wonderful teachings and healings she did for me... Making me much stronger and positive person in life... Love u roshani!!! You simply Rock!!! Whenever i am in problem... All i have to do is.. Come to u!!! She makes miracles happen for me... Quotes
Awesome teacher

Quotes Healing with lord jesus was a call for me..The process started of with unconditional love breaking all the barriers of belief system..we were completely blessed with lord jesus by his presence in every meditation we did.Thanks Roshnee for being our mediator and for making us connected with Jesus, Masters, Angels, are an Angel for us in this earth..we are always with you and would like to rise along with you in this spiritual journey..blessed be. Shruti Salian. Quotes
Shruti Salian
Finance Professional,Lord Jesus Healing Workshop

Quotes I have been Blessed & So Benefited to be part of the LORD JESUS Healing Workshop. It was an incredile window into the Wonder Working Power of JESUS's Unconditional Love and Light that surpasses all that is not of HIM in every cell and area of one's soul, mind & body. It is even more beautiful how we can be JESUS's Angels to radiate this Love & Light in other's lives too now on... Appreciate Roshnee's commitment, passion and zeal in unleashing this Magic in My Life :) 'Refreshed Soul' Quotes
Doubly Restored!
Revived By Lord JESUS Healing

Quotes After the advance angel healing session I have gained new experience which was unique. My spiritual path has really began. Thanks a ton to Roshnee.... Quotes
shailesh charkari
New Experience

Quotes It was a wonderful experience which i had in this angels healers course.Archangels meditations and the total cleansing and healing process had a tremendous and positive impact in my personal and professional life. I can truly feel the bliss of Angels,Archangels, guardian angels ,Masters in my life..Thank you so much Roshnee for being a great mediator, teacher for us. God bless you and you be very successful in your mission of spreading the unconditional love. Quotes
Shruti Salian
Advance angel healers course

Quotes First of all, a special thanks to Roshnee Di for the Unique experience we had with Archangels... We have sensed and felt the presence of Archangels.. Life got new confidence, new learnings and a whole new perspective towards it.. Feels good... Thanks to You - Roshnee Di for this wonderful experience. GOD Bless You & May you progress on your path with the highest definition of ease & Joy. Quotes
Swati Parekh
Advanced Angel Healer Training Program

Quotes ?Thank you for the deep healing session that I had with you for the first time. Thank you so much for all this work that you are doing! I was carrying a lot of baggage that I have been able to release, effortlessly. I feel ?lighter? literally. Now I feel so different on the inside.?- Bhakti. Quotes
Peaceful Soul

Quotes Angel Healing meditation was one of the good things happened to me.. it was a gift given to myself. i feel so enriched,so good..blessed with protection masters around.. I recommend that people should take these meditations ,and grow relieved of karmic depths.. be it in the sense of forgiveness,any wrong we have done knowingly,unknowingly...but our strings are still attached to it.. It was something like a much of cleansing and clearings happens..i felt relaxed. In the end I carried with myself,blessings, to love myself,feeling of protection,sense of forgiveness, gratitude towards the people who had in some form had loved me selflessly..but i dont remember now.. It allows you to heal your relationships with everyone..i felt this.. Best Regards, Abhiruchi Quotes
Abhiruchi Agarwal
IT Professional

Quotes It was a very Unique experience, I had. I am very happy & excited of having experience with Angels. We have sensed them, felt the presence of Archangels. On the 1st day of workshop we have were not confident of conducting healings, but now we have got lot of confidence as healing has happened at deep root level and we are now trained to conduct angel healings confidently. I whole-heartdly thanks Roshnee for giving this great experience and connecting with Archangels & VERY DEDICATEDLY taking our care for training us. Once Again Thanks. NAMASTE Quotes
Bindu D Doshi
Advanced Angel Healer Training Program

Quotes First Day of the workshop when we invoked Archangels there was a shift in the space. Archangel Michel Meditation was wonderful. You could really feel the negativity leaving & being filled with deep blue light Second Day the crystal healing was Mindblowing, It did a deeper healing instantly and you sense yourself being cleansed completely & healed. Third Day the 12 Chakras Activation healing with sound was done, we can really feel the sound vibrating through our chakras and really travelled in blissful place where no words can be described & relationship meditation was very effective & intense. Thanks to You Roshnee for this wonderful experience. May GOD Bless You & May you progress on your path with ease & Joy. Quotes
Roshni Hinduja
Angel Healer's Training Program