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Ascension : Light Body Activation

Aim of the workshop

As Earth Moves to Higher Vibrations of 5th Dimensional Energies, we aim at inducting maximum loving souls to grow with Mother Earth and upgrade their vibrations.

vSo our Aim is…..
1.To initiate Ascension process for all who are ready for new wave higher vibrations.
2.To guide all the Initiates to ease their Ascension path
3.Attune every initiate with Universal, Galactic and Cosmic Masters of Christ Consciousness for their higher path.
4.To prepare more and more Light Beings for Positive Transformation by making them ready to measure their Ascension & to teach Ascension to all those who are on probationary path.
5.Spread Christ Consciousness Light and increase the power of Light on earth.


Workshop Content :

Mentioned below are only most important initiations given to Initiates out of all the mediations. Other Meditations will depend on healings required for delegates from time to time.

1.Day 1 :
1.Cleansing & Protection Meditations.
2.Introduction to Ascension
3.Ascension Activation Healing & Treatment.
4.12 Chakras Activation

2.Day 2 :
1.GOD and Archangels Ascension Initiation.
2.Developing Full Relationship of Body with God From Origin
3.GOD’s Sacred Throne Initiation.

3.Day 3 :
1.Sacred Flames Ascension Activation
2.Cosmic ascension activation in temple of GOD
3. GOD and the Mahatma Ascension Activation Meditation

4.Day 4 :
1.GOD and the Construction of your Light Body Ascension Initiation

5.Day 5 :
1.Cosmic Rays Ascension Activation Meditation
2.Cosmic Ascension Activations from the Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy
3.The Cosmic and Planetary Hierarchy Protection
4.Gifting Ceremony.

Workshop Includes: 

1.Ascension Book & Course Material
2.Certificate of Ascension Initiations & Blessed Gifting

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